This is What an Informer Society Looks Like

Miamians Are Going on Twitter to Ask Donald Trump to Deport Their Exes.

According to the New Times, “dozens of folks,” many in the Miami area, are tweeting addresses and photos, some cc’ing the police, in the hopes of getting their revenge. They have screenshots of examples.

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  1. how says:

    Having practiced wage/hour law in Miami representing mostly undocumented immigrants, this isn’t surprising. Employers try to do this all the time when they are sued for wage violations, but they can’t be quite as brazen as former lovers or they will be accused of retaliation. An anonymous phone call to the police of a fake disturbance at the address of the workers filing the suit leaves fewer tracks and might solve the problem of the suit for the employer. Hence, people should change their addresses and ditch the cell phone number if they are worried about informants. I think we have been an informant society for a long time and it seems like our whole society is headed further in this direction. I don’t think Trump is to blame. I think we are constantly being bombarded with messages that everything we do is being spied on and by all account it is. I hate to always bring up BDS and Palestine/Israel, but look at the bipartisan antisemitism awareness act — and imagine all the informants who will be given license under that law to inform upon students who are not antisemites (at least in my understanding of the term – unless antizionist means antisemite — but then some orthodox Jews would be antisemites) but who truly believe in equal rights for all those living in Israel/Palestine regardless of ethnicity or religion. All of this cracking down on free speech here related to Palestine/Israel seems like it will be used as a template to further crack down on other forms of free speech that Donald Trump or anyone else in power may not approve of in the very near future. It may be cute for Justice Ginsburg to condemn the NFL black lives matters protests and then turn up her own dissent collar because its okay for elites to protest but not for others to do so, but this just all feeds into a culture of paranoia of normal people of what its ok to protest and who can do it. Informants then can feed off all this and use it for their own purposes. Its not hard to rationalize how the exes informing on their undocumented exes may actually believe they are doing the right/patriotic thing… however messed up that sounds.

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