The Case for Despair

Juan Cole lays it out. I’d say the case against HRC is first, foreign policy, second reliance on corporatist economic advisers. (And I’m tired of hearing about her damn emails.)

The second problem may be ameliorated by a need to avoid angering the Warren wing of the party. The first problem–hawkishness, adherence to the Villager consensus on use of force–isn’t going away, and probably can’t go away for a first female President lest she seem ‘weak’ to the foolish but dangerous. It was on full display on the agonizing and unwatchable NBC ‘Candidates Forum’ last night. Thank goodness for the fast forward button on my DVR.

Yes, Trump was very very very much worse. So?

Update: Bonus gloom–The Intercept, Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisers Are a “Who’s Who” of the Warfare State.

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7 Responses to The Case for Despair

  1. Earl Killian says:

    We are lambs heading out to graze each day, arguing over which corner of the fenced pasture is best, but not noticing that the fence is shifting ever closer to the slaughterhouse. Until we create alternatives to the two-party system (the fence around our pasture), we will be limited to arguing over which corner is better, while letting our rulers control what those corners are.

  2. Brad DeLong says:

    Ummm… “The second problem may be ameliorated by a need to avoid angering the Warren wing of the party”. HRC was always rather far to the left of us Rubinites’ “go for growth first, and worry more about redistribution in the 2nd term and after” orientation. She is managing a coalition, and her social and economic policy deputies–Neera Tanden, Maggie Williams, Ann O’Leary, and Heather Boushey–are definitely not “corporatist economic advisers.” If they are not the Warren Wing incarnate, they are damn close…

  3. How says:

    Though I would never vote for Clinton, and was a strong supporter of Obama, recent endorsements of Clinton my Wolfowitz, the Bushes etc. make me more disgusted with Hillary. Voting green party again here in FL. My husband and I will be moving to SE asia to become kind of global nomads for the next few years – so luckily we won’t be paying much attention hillary or trump for he next few years. Honestly, I see trump winning this – I see Hillary setting up Assad as another Saddam Hussein – she clearly hasn’t learned her lesson. I hope Trump wins to shake things up – no matter how bad things may get. The US can’t continue on the same path of foreign policy w/ regards to Yemen, Iran, Palestine, Saudi Arabia etc… and Clinton represents more of same.

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