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Smart Dust

Oh joy. Smart Dust is the latest threat to privacy predicted in my The Death of Privacy? (2000), to become a near-reality.

In fact, it’s one of the last ones. Needless to say we did almost none of the stuff we needed to do to protect privacy in the intervening 16 years, so now we’re in a much much worse position. The next version of the article may not have a question mark.

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Off to Brexitland

I’m getting out of town for a while. I will be in various places in the UK and France for a while, concluding with a visit to Amsterdam in late July.

Please note that I have a 6′ 7″ (2 meters) tall house-sitter, so my friends from college – I’m talking to you, Paul – can lay off with the emails warning me about posting my travel plans being an invitation to burglars.

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To All My Friends In Europe

including in the UK,


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How Come I Never Noticed This Before?

Donald Trump & Boris Johnson sure look a lot alike

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via Twitter:

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My First 100 Days as President 

Day 14:

I’ll meet with China, and tell China to his face that he has absolutely No respect for us and that things are about to change, big time.

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Reminds me of the ‘Dear Bill’ letters. Only that was the spouse.

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