Yes, I Lead a Sheltered Life

This Babymetal video is the strangest thing I’ve seen online this year (excluding Republican debates):

JPop crossed with death metal, plus a dollop of religious cultural appropriation. Spotted via Cory Doctorow, Babymetal, live on Colbert! in which he describes Babymetal as “Japan’s greatest synthetic all-woman heavy metal band.” I am prepared to believe it.

There’s also an official version of the video that is odd in different ways.

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One Response to Yes, I Lead a Sheltered Life

  1. Paul Contreras says:

    I admit although living here in Japan I too have never seen this BUT knowing how weird some Japanese can be, (the other day I saw a man in cosplay walking calmly in Shinjuku station “walking” – actually dragging a stuffed turtle on leash), well, I am not surprised at all. You do not live a sheltered life Michael – you are fortunate to be spared the idiosyncrasies of some Japanese. Thanks Stephen Corbert for enlightening our boring lives.


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