Mysteries of Twitter (II)

Question-markEach section of JOTWELL is set up with a basically identical wordpress blog. (Don’t ask why, there were good reasons to do it that way when we started.)

Each section forwards posts to twitter via Twitter Feed. The tweets appear at the Jotwell twitter feed. Most of them look terrible — the user photo we run is blown up to show a gigantic close-up of the author’s forehead! But some don’t. They look just like they should. I can’t figure out what’s different about them.

Bonus puzzle: Back in 2011, one Jason Otwell grabbed the “Jotwell” handle on Twitter. He posted once in 2012, once in 2014, and once in 2015. I’d like to ask him if he’d donate the account to us – it would be a good deed and might be worth a charitable donation. But either I can’t locate him, or can’t get him to return my snail mail or email. How do I figure out how to communicate with him?

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One Response to Mysteries of Twitter (II)

  1. Although the @jotwell account belongs to someone who isn’t using it, it’s difficult to tell for sure – he could be using it for private messaging for all we know. It’s also possible that since he set up the account he’s changed jobs and/or email address. You could *try* seeing how many people by that name are on Facebook or LinkedIn, matching the photo, and sending a message that way.

    But that seems like overkill. At this point, people are used to the account you *have*.


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