Bush PAC Post-Mortem

Worth a read. Also includes this local-interest gem from operative Mike Murphy:

He cites the old Eric Hoffer maxim: Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.

Take, for instance, he says, the Tea Party — “a racket, though it’s supposed to be a nonracket,” full of faux four-star generals who say, ” ‘You’ve got to pay me because … I represent the Nebraska sub-Army 14 of the Tea Party,’ and there’d be like four or five guys arguing over who’s in charge of it.” It reminds Murphy of when he used to do referendum campaigns in Dade County. “There’d always be these charming old Cubans who’d come in and say, ‘Colonel Escobar is willing to endorse on his radio show, but he requires certain considerations. One million dollars.’ “

“And we’d be like, ‘Thirty-five hundred dollars cash and lunch today.'”

“‘We agree!'”

Debriefing Mike Murphy | The Weekly Standard.

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