Celebrating Groundhog Day in Miami?

Due to an aside I delivered in class, my Administrative Law students have expressed an interest in celebrating Groundhog Day, which is Feb. 2. My initial reaction was a bit negative: How, living in Florida, can this be anything but an ironic, even potentially offensive, celebration? Indeed, can we in Miami plan to celebrate whether winter will continue without giving the impression of rampant schadenfreude? Not to mention that our interests are probably the reverse of most the country’s: winter is good for us! It’s usually nice out (although this December was unseasonably hot).

But despite all this, I’m warming to the idea. Why not?

But this just leads me to another problem: How, in the absence of an actual groundhog (please no one bring one to class!) do we celebrate Groundhog Day. We are not going to watch the movie starring Bill Murray much as I do like it; it’s long and we have work to do. Other than that, or projects aimed at first graders, the web has been surprisingly little help…..

Suggestions anyone?

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2 Responses to Celebrating Groundhog Day in Miami?

  1. egorelick says:

    Challenge them to come up with the most litigated and re-litigated case ever. Then analyze how the argument evolved or didn’t over the course of these cases. You could make it about the subject (ACA or Roe v. Wade) or, there are some actual litigants that have visited the Supreme Court 4 times (is there any that have gone back 5 times).

  2. rrosen says:

    Does an ibis have a shadow?

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