GOP Frontrunner Outraged Over Claims That He Wasn’t A Violent Psychopath.

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  1. Vic says:

    I’m no fan of Carson (and I think he has ZERO chance of nomination), but he DOES raise a valid point (which may be true, or may be false in the end) that (he claims) the 8 or 9 people that they talked to about this from his childhood were not in a position to know about these incidents one way or the other. And he says that the relative, which was the focus of one incident of rage, was asked by Carson and did not consent to have his name revealed by Carson to verify his claims.

    Now this all may be true or false, BUT I’d say he raises a completely valid point here. I know that if you were looking to document MY past, you would A). have a hard time finding anyone that knew me in any depth, while knowing me casually, and B). have a hard time finding anyone who knew me well for longer than a few years. You could find lots of people to ask about me, but you’d really only get consistently good detail from a very small handful of people. My wife is probably the ONLY person who could tell you anything accurate about both today and 20 years ago. My friends would be hit and miss on specifics. Maybe your life is more open. Mine’s not at all. People vary. So I don’t find Carson’s rebuttal all that strange.

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