Off to Amsterdam

I’m going to (some of) Amsterdam Privacy Week — the early bits, plus the Amsterdam edition of PLSC where I’ll present a work in progress on how we might structure anonymous transactions so they are of some use in preventing profiling, but not so private that the US government inevitably will choke on them. Whether there is in fact something worthwhile in the intersection of those sets could be debated, but it seems worth thinking about at least.

Unfortunately, I will miss much of the event — I’m journeying back on Tuesday — as there are only so many classes you can reschedule in good conscience.

Please email me at if you are going to be there and want to meet up at some point. That’s Michael Froomkin if you are wondering what my name is.

Blogging likely be light to non-existent while away. Might tweet from time to time though at @mfroomkin.

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