High Noon at ICANN’s Accountability Gulch

Deja vu all over again?

Basically, ICANN is up to its bad old tricks to escape accountability. It hates that stuff. The problem is getting so bad that heresy is being spoken,

So the choice being faced in Los Angeles is a stark one: do we want to make ICANN accountable or not? And if not, can we actually have an IANA transition? Will there be any support for it? A growing number of people would prefer the status quo (U.S. oversight) to an ICANN without a membership and the CCWG-proposed community empowerment mechanisms.

Let the record show that I said years ago that US government involvment was likely better than cutting ICANN loose without adult supervision. I confess that the CCWG had me thinking they might have done the near-impossible. But now it appears we see regression to the ICANN mean.

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  1. Hi Michael:

    Today, the United States Supreme Court is having a Conference {Docket # 14-1480 } addressing ICANN Et Al.

    As a Canadian; and dotCOM Business user with a USPTO TM that’s also ®, I sincerely hope Your Goverment enforces the Law upon them ~ Today.

    Regards, Graham.


    Docket Confirmation:

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