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  1. Vic says:

    We are ALSO one of the only countries in the world (Japan is another example) that has a fairly tight restriction of Government restraint of speech. You can say almost anything here – whereas it is considerably less liberal nearly everywhere else, especially for speech against the Government itself.

    I don’t see you losing much sleep over THAT though.

    While you are at it, if you bother, you can also look up the similar Miranda-type rights that other countries have. You’ll find that they mostly DON’T. Even if your beloved Great Britain, you have less rights in that regard.

    The reason we have more guns, is because other countries, in order to ENFORCE such human rights restrictions, and to keep the people from making any sort of seriously objection, ban and confiscate them. We are pretty much the only people LEFT with them.

    • This is just silly. The idea that people are substantially less free overall in most of Western and Northern Europe is not serious. They do have a different bundle of rights; it is true that many do lack our freedom (rich and poor alike) to sleep under bridges.

      There is, by your lights, the greatest freedom in Somalia. None of the pesky rules we have here against anti-tank weapons. But it doesn’t make me want to live there.

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