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My name is Devin. I am an online website optimization consultant for small to medium size businesses. I came across your website and have noticed that there are many things that can be improved on your website to help you rank better in the search engines and ultimately drive more traffic to your webpage. Currently you have a page rank of 2nd position of 5th page for the Keyword – Balance of Miami-Dade House Painter – this can be improved very quickly. I will be happy to review your site in more depth for and give you a free quote on how you can improve your traffic, which will ultimately give you more online visibility, increasing your revenue.

Balance of Miami-Dade House Painter? Really? Someone has written a program to send ads touting SEO services and that is the best they can come up with?

PS. After this post, I bet I make the 4th page for “Balance of Miami-Dade House Painter” at least! And without paying a penny!

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