Guess Which Fine News Source

Here’s the quote from the leed,

Online retail giant Amazon says it knows its customers so well it can start shipping even before orders are placed.

Guess where this appeared. Link after the jump.

Need a hint before you mouse over the link?

A. The Daily Telegraph
B. The Wall St. Journal
C. The Onion
D. Boing-boing

Here is the link: no peeking without guessing.

Actually it’s Amazon’s patented “Anticipatory Package Shipping” — and all it really does is use analytics to predict what people want in a delivery area and ship it to a nearby distribution center ahead of expected orders.

Prior art anyone?

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3 Responses to Guess Which Fine News Source

  1. Patrick (G) says:

    How exactly is this different from stocking brick-and-mortar stores?

  2. I guess it’s the The Wall St. Journal. Since it is the online coverage of breaking news and current headlines from the US and around the world.

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