‘American Dream is a Continuous Process’

Kevin Sack’s A Lost Boy Grows Up is the story of a Sudanese ‘lost boy’ come to America who, many years later, decides he wants to be an Atlanta policeman. It isn’t easy, but he’s chasing his American Dream.

(Yet another example of why we should favor a more welcoming immigration policy.)

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3 Responses to ‘American Dream is a Continuous Process’

  1. “we should favor a more welcoming immigration policy.”

    Absolutely. We should replace overpaid law professors with less expensive instructors trained in India, and pass the savings along to the law students.

    • So long as we can do it without compromising quality (or tenure), I’m with you on this one.

      Seriously: if foreign-trained law grads would be better law teachers and scholars why wouldn’t we want them? Indeed, at UM we have far more foreign-trained law professors than almost any other law school. As it happens, we also, I suspect, pay slightly below-market salaries, in part due to lack of state income tax. I don’t think the supply will get to the point where it will substantially depress salaries — that will come more strongly from the ceiling on tuition — but if it did, overall welfare would still be greater.

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