Bad Ideas Are Hard to Kill

Shocking story in the Guardian: California was sterilizing its female prisoners as late as 2010 — without, it appears, required authorizations from state officials. (Even the idea that there’s a procedure is troubling given the history of bad eugenics-based thinking in the US.)

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One Response to Bad Ideas Are Hard to Kill

  1. Vic says:

    I think if modern “Progressives” had ANY idea what was done by their predecessors in the name of Progressivism, they would be shocked beyond all belief. They’d be even more shocked to know a lot of it still goes on…

    This history has, conveniently, been covered up by liberals who don’t want to admit any taint of their own history, and who also happen to make up the overwhelming majority of teachers. What a co-inky-dink. (I doubt even your law school teaches anything about Progressivism’s eugenics and abortion programs when you teach Lochner, Bell, etc., do you?)

    The only thing surprising to ME in all this is that CNN actually aired a story on it.

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