NSA Scandal: Anything is Plausible Now

CNET News, NSA disguised itself as Google to spy, say reports. It seems they are talking about a man-in-the-middle attack, based on a fake cryptographic certificate, which isn’t when you think about it so surprising. But when I read the headline, I imagined they’d run around with fake business cards impersonating Google staff.

And then there’s this one: Former Intelligence Analyst: Obama Was Wiretapped By NSA In 2004. I’d have marked this as ‘tinfoil’ a month ago. I still want to as the details seem pretty skimpy. But anything seems possible now.

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One Response to NSA Scandal: Anything is Plausible Now

  1. Vic says:

    All of which would be considered a crime if it were you or I doing it.

    But all Government has to do is invoke “terrorism” and/or “National Security” and anything goes. Then they top it off by declaring that anyone who speaks of it is committing treason.

    Congress could stop this any time they want to. But that’s the point, they don’t WANT to stop it, and those members who might be a bit squeamish about it, don’t dare being too public about it, lest it be called supporting terrorism.

    Snowden looks more and more like a whistle-blower and less like a lawbreaker every day. Is it REALLY a crime to expose such blatantly illegal if not unconstitutional acts? Maybe our government would like to put us all on house arrest, while they go door-to-door looking for ties to terrorism (ala Boston).

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