Innovative Thinking Could Save Law Schools $$$

Although not directed primarily at law schools, the innovative suggestions in Forget MOOCs–Let’s Use MOOA could easily be used to save most US law schools a very large chunk of change. Perhaps this should be in our next strategic plan?

(Spotted via Naked Capitalism.)

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4 Responses to Innovative Thinking Could Save Law Schools $$$

  1. Robert Rosen says:

    Noted, but central administration has been pushing this idea forever. Resistance has proven necessary.

  2. Vic says:

    They tried this sort of thing in a quaint little place called the Soviet Union.

    It isn’t around any more because they discovered that as smart as people can be, nobody knows enough about everything – especially the future – to allow a very small group to decide everything for a very large one. Delegation, natural or otherwise, is a necessary part.

    As a practical matter, what this would mean is that UM would retain an administration (maybe one or two people smaller, but it’d still be there) to make local decisions that “the Central Administration couldn’t do properly for our particular case.” It would cost MORE money because you’d be paying a fee to the Centrals that would likely not be less than the money you’d save locally.

    The only poeple this would benefit is the central company that held the Central Administration. And if that was a Government agency – well then you’d be REALLY in deep.

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