Upgrade to WordPress 3.5 Far Too Exciting (Updated) (Further Update)

I’m not finding the upgrade to the new version 3.5 of WordPress to be an easy matter on any of the blogs I run or maintain. This one is no exception. So far, however, the problems here seem mostly relating to comments. Please email me if you have troubles, quoting any error messages.

Note: the error message I’m currently fighting is visible only from the dashboard comments page and reads:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in […]/ wp-content/plugins/akismet/admin.php on line 332 and defined in […]/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

If I find a solution I’ll post it here.

Update1: This ticket seems to have something to do with it, but given that in the error message I’m getting I’m being pointed to two files that come with core wordpress (akismet/admin.php and wp-dp.php) and not some outside plugin, I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it. Similarly this site is built on child theme over a stock wordpress theme, so I don’t see how this could be a theme issue.

Update2: Here is the line of akismet that is causing the trouble:

$waiting = $wpdb->get_var( $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->commentmeta WHERE meta_key = 'akismet_error'" ) );

I don’t think I’m going to have the guts to play with this critical anti-spam module on my own.

Update3 (12/12/12): I think if there’s an answer it likely will appear on this support thread.

Update4 (12/13/12): Akismet team says:

This will be fixed in the next release which should be today.

Akismet’s performance is not affected and there are no security issues.

Apologies for not catching this earlier.

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