MIA Customer Response In Action (Not)

Back in October I wrote about how I was emailing the honcho at MIA who seemed to be responsible for kicking Boingo out of the airport (See And Another Thing (No Boingo Wifi at MIA).)

For the record, MDAD Deputy Director of Business Retention and Development Miguel Southwell never replied to my email.

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One Response to MIA Customer Response In Action (Not)

  1. Just me says:

    MIA is horrible. I don’t travel as much as some others, but I was struck a few weeks ago at just how awful MIA can be. I traveled to Phoenix from MIA and was treated like a criminal, or at least a suspected criminal: dirty looks; the silent treatment when instruction was necessary or appropriate; stupid questions when they did talk to me (example: I had chap-stick in my pocket. They asked me to take it out. I took it out and handed it to the TSA agent. He looked at me as though I was trying to pull a fast one on him. With a gotcha attitude the TSA agent asked me “What’s this?” My answer was a simple “Seriously?” He at least had the decency to look embarrassed after that and gave me back the chap stick); and that offensive “naked machine” as I call it.

    On the way back I flew out of the Phoenix airport. What a difference! Airport security was friendly and efficient. I was treated to smiling faces, and simple and direct instructions. No naked machine. The cop stationed at the end of security after you have already cleared even stopped me to chat (I had just competed in Ironman Arizona and was wearing a t-shirt from the race. He was curious.). I acknowledge that the Phoenix airport was not as busy as MIA, but that’s no excuse for the TSA agents at MIA to be jerks.

    It is therefore no surprise that the MIA management has ignored you.

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