Thoughts on Mr. Obama’s Speech in Miami Today (Updated)

Via Talking Points Memo, here’s a highlight from the talk:

If that doesn’t work, here’s a direct link.

As TPM notes, as a rally-the-troops kind of a speech President Obama’s Miami speech was a big success — the President had energy, he got himself going, and he got the crowd going.

And it did a good job of taking the fight to the other guy, unlike a certain recent debate performance.

But as a description of what Obama would actually do in the next four years the speech — like the whole campaign — was a little weak: end the war in Afghanistan, stay the course on the recovery, hire some teachers, make education more affordable (somehow), make a deal with Republicans to cut $1 trillion or more from the budget (queuecue the Catfood Commission).

The key for the Obama campaign has been and remains to demonize Romney, a process that very largely consists of just telling the truth about him. But that’s why the debate hurt so: for the mythical low-information undecided voter, who was just tuning and was relentlessly ignorant of everything Romney has been saying and doing for past two years, it’s all too possible Romney looked good, or at least neither dangerous nor demonic.

Update: While I’m swiping video from TPM, I really ought to include this — an analysis of Romney’s debate performance. It really deserves to work:

Just one thing: This video isn’t by Team Obama at all! It is by something called CannonfireVideo.

Update2: This following video, on the other hand, is by the ‘Obama Truth Team’:

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Mr. Obama’s Speech in Miami Today (Updated)

  1. ruidh says:

    On one hand, it would be great for Obama to promise lots of initiatives. On the other hand, he’s discovered that, with a House and Senate minority that are willing to obstruct anything he proposes, getting stuff accomplished is a lot harder than making promises.

    Take a look at Guantanamo. The GOP are dinging him for failing to close it as promised while, at the same time, having successfully obstructed that same closure. It’s lose-lose for him.

  2. NB says:

    Que? Queue – cue!

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