Romney to Receive Special Miami Welcome

No word yet from the Romney people about press credentials. UM says to ask Univision. They don’t answer their e-mail. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Meanwhile, I got this notice about a Romney welcoming party:

Are you lazy?  Do you want to be dependent on the government? 

Mitt Romney thinks so.  That is what he told his rich donors last year at a fundraiser.  Today, the man who wants to be President will be at the University of Miami to talk to the 47% of Americans he apparently doesn’t want to worry about.  He will be talking to Univision live.  Will you join us?


4:30pm today-UMiami’s Bank United Center Field House


Contrary to Gov. Romney’s belief that the 47-percenters think they are victims, we are actually hard-working families who pay their fair share through local, state and payroll taxes. Next door to the Bank United Center at the Field House, the 47-percenters will make sure that Mitt Romey knows that he can’t  write off nearly half of the American population.Will you join us?


Protest of Mitt Romney and his backward policies
 4:30 PM Wednesday, September 19
Bank United Center – Field House
1245 Dauer Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
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