I’m off to a secret undisclosed location that we’ve rented sight unseen, save for a few photos online. The photo to the right is not one of them — there are tools out there to track back photos — but we hope the scenery in the neighborhood might be something like it.

I’m back in a week. I may have some DSL while I’m away, but don’t know if blogging will be part of my relaxation plans. Jotwell should keep on ticking over in my absence — we have some great stuff queued up.

Creative commons licensed photo © Copryright 2009 Kathy Weaver.

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2 Responses to Vacation!

  1. Vic says:

    Friendly advice:

    A guy who’s home address is easily Googled by name, should NEVER tell people when he and his entire family are going to be gone for a week.

    You should delete this entire post ASAP.

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