The Case for Class Warfare

Rich Kids Of Instagram is the sort of thing that just might upset the proles.

Even a Forbes staffer is reacting strongly: “the hashtag #RKOI (rich kids of instagram, for the uninitiated) is making me feel murderous.” But her solution is just to hide the evidence: get rich kids to stop using social media!

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6 Responses to The Case for Class Warfare

  1. David Sanger says:

    That’s appalling, 10 Euros for a Diet Coke.

  2. csrster says:

    I look at every one of those pictures and think “I’d love to have their money but I wouldn’t want to be them”.

  3. Grandee Boyardee says:

    These perfect lives make all the mass unemployment, instability, and gratuitous cruelty of neoliberalism worthwhile. The Egyptians had their pyramids; the Chinese dynasties, their Great Wall; and late capitalist US, #RKOI.

  4. Jym Dyer says:

    If these kids are so rich, why can’t they afford a staff of Adobe Certified Photoshop Experts to make their photos look better than Instagram’s el cheapo 72x72dpi renderings?

  5. Keith says:

    I’m completely speechless.

  6. Patrick (G) says:

    Trying to decipher the receipt: 16couvert, would that be a party of 16 or a table for 16?

    90k € for 3 bottles of champagne seems to be the crux of gathering. Very Expensive, but not a record breaker in any sense.

    The food items seem to be picked for being the priciest on the menu rather than for any culinary consistency. Perhaps much like the choice of champagne, just much less expensive while being that much more exotic. Whale and wolf indeed.

    The remainder of the drinks seem unexceptional, though few seem to partaken of an after dinner drink.

    This meal has the taste of a bet; lost.

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