“Speaking Fluent Terrarium”

Some time back, someone invented a game the object of which was to write a blog post that used a phrase unique to Google. If I recall, you got the most points for a single word, then for two common words together, then for three in a unique order, and so on. Ironically, I have no recollection of who invented it, or where it appeared, or even what search terms to use to find it, which is why I can’t link to it now. (If it wasn’t Making Light, it probably should have been.)

All this is by preface to today’s Google-unique mix of three words which appear in a Crooks & Liars takedown of a NYT op-ed, Bill Keller has a sad over Social Security, Medicare: “speaking fluent terrarium”.

Yup, that’s a new one alright.

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  1. DHgate says:

    By offering us search engine service and PageRank, Google is making itself the Internet bully. All the sites/blogs and the posts are obeying the Google Law. That’s terrible for the Internet.

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