Why You Should Root for the Miami Heat Anywy

The Nation, Why We Should All Root for the Miami Heat, explains the politics behind tomorrow night’s game.

Missing from the story, though, is the extent to which the owners of the Arena may have failed to pay the county what it is owed. An amount that has, it seems, never been calculated, probably with the connivance of local government. See AmericanAirlines Arena audit cites Miami -Dade for poor oversight for more.

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5 Responses to Why You Should Root for the Miami Heat Anywy

  1. mfr24 says:

    “Root for the Heat Anyway” implies that there are other, lesser reasons to not root for them. Are there any that don’t involve irrational disdain or envy?

    • Being from Oklahoma? Or maybe Boston?

      • mfr24 says:

        Ah, indeed. I should’ve made clear that I was asking for reasons besides the inherently legitimate ones, living in an opponent’s city or shared region. In that case, I hope your readers in the Great Plains and New England areas heed your and the article’s appeals.

        It’s nice that at least one person in the national media recognizes the irony permeating the majority view that the Heat are the franchise that represents evil. Cleveland Cavaliers fans who are rooting for the Thunder could not be any more self-contradictory!

  2. Joe1 says:

    Michael, you should root for OKC, since Kevin Durant is from the DC metropolitan area (Suitland), and has a lot of relatives in the area.

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