Off to Privacy Law Scholars Conference

While my wife is in Hawaii at the Law & Society conference, I am going to be in Washington DC Thursday and Friday for the 5th Annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference, one of my favorite events of the scholarly year.

PLSC is run by Chris Hoofnagle and Dan Solove, who do a great job. The only bad thing about the event is that every year there are more and more parallel tracks — they are up to EIGHT this year — and I usually want to be be in at least three quarters of them simultaneously. This year I will miss more of the papers then ever before, not only because there are more tracks but because my draft paper, Lessons Learned too Well, was selected (by ballot of the attendees) for the so-called “Encore” track. That means I’ll be one of the six people presenting twice, which is an honor I’m absurdly pleased about. The downside is that because I’ll be presenting a second time, that makes even fewer papers I’ll be able to go to.

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  1. Congratulations! I have been in your position at Everglades conferences, wanting to attend two or three simultaneous workshops. I try to do all three and don’t get much out of any of them that way. Of course, I was only listening so my problem was so much less than yours. Good problem to have…thirsting for knowledge.

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