ProxMate – Work Around Regional Internet Blocks … Or Not?

ProxMate says it is a free plugin for Firefox and Chrome that will allow your to see more of the internet by going around regional content blocks:

– unblocks Youtube Videos!
– unblocks Youtube Channels!
– unblocks Youtube Search!
– unblocks Grooveshark!
– unblocks Hulu (beta!)
– Add your own server!
– No History Tracking!
– On github!
– 100% FREE to use!

I ran into one of those myself not so long ago, but as far as I can tell, adding ProxMate to my browser didn’t fix the problem.

Could it be that the plugin makes it look like you are FROM the US when you are not, but fails to make like like you are not from the US when you are?

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5 Responses to ProxMate – Work Around Regional Internet Blocks … Or Not?

  1. Roy says:

    Hi Michael, you guessed correctly – in researching ProxMate for an article, I discovered (deep in the author’s Facebook comments) that the proxy servers it uses are located in the US.

    So, as you found, you can’t use it (by default) to view YouTube content which is blocked in the US – because the proxy is in the US, same as you. It works brilliantly for those outside the US wishing to view US-only content like Hulu though 😉

    ProxMate does let you configure your own proxy – so if you found a good non-US proxy you could then see that video.

    It’s a shame the author doesn’t make the US location of the servers clear on the ProxMate download page – by default it is only of use to those outside the US…

  2. vendor says:


    i’m trying to figure out how Proxmate works actually. i’m overseas and it does not appear to unblock anything.. is there something specific i’m suppose to do?

  3. Anon says:

    Anyone know how safe this addon is to use exactly? I had to logon my local net bank to do some financial things while this addon was loaded and had no time to think about disabling it.

  4. David Mohl says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t know this caused so much confusion.
    We’ll add the “does not work for US users” detail to our homepage. Thank you!

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