Things You Do Not Expect to See

My first thought was that this was an unusually good piece of Photoshop. My second was that it had to be an impostor or double.

But then I started to think, despite April 1 being just behind us, that it might be real.

And now I just don’t know: There seems strangely little coverage of this amazingly informal entrance to a serious conference, although I have found one other source reporting it as real. So goes the Internet.

Via South Florida Daily Blog: SFDB Cool Of The Day, via Jesus’ General.

[Insert #OBJoke about Obama skating through Presidency here.]

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One Response to Things You Do Not Expect to See

  1. tb says:

    The YT vid’s fake. Between skating and greeting, the ghosting differs; for example, when he’s skating you can see distinct frames, and after he dismounts you can see a schematic videogame-like ‘walk cycle’ that isn’t synced with the frame rate. And, continuity-wise, between his dismounting walk and his embracing walk, his momentum and speed differ.

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