Newt Is Even Worse Than You Think

I missed this TPM article on Newt Gingrich’s second wife published back in 2010. He’s not just a serial abandoner of sick wives who dumps them while they hospitalized. It’s so much more.

(Via TPM, The Marianne Bomb Goes Off?)

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2 Responses to Newt Is Even Worse Than You Think

  1. Delbert Jackson says:

    If you and everyone else was perfect the world would be a better place. We all ahve been through a younger cycle and not always proud of our past. What we need right now is someone like Newt to lead this country back to normal. Myself and most all other Americans, which include Democrats and Republicans, are sick and tired of the political corruption and the insults to a moron which has been the norm. Stop the power struggle and once elected, go to work as hard to do what is best for America, not just because it is politically beneficial for the greedy who donate to your campains.
    Thank you

  2. Delbert Jackson says:

    Fair taxation is a must. Revision of the tax code is imperative. Flat tax is the answer to being fair to all. Establish a flat tax on profits and income of 10%, enforce the U S Borders and enforce existing laws against employers who hire illegal immigrates. If there are no jobs available, they will stop coming into the U S. Establish sufficient manpower and resources to stop the drug cartels infilitrating the U S. Address the real issues facing our country instead of who has the best personality or shined shoes.

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