XCache for WordPress (Updated)

In my well-beyond-marginal-returns-to-scale effort to get the blog to run a little less sluggishly, I installed XCache for WordPress 0.6 this morning. It looks a little bleeding-edge (and doesn’t install through the usual plugin interface) but promises to take advantage of the Xcache service already running on this server. I can’t really tell the difference, though.

I have WP Super Cache running (now in version 1.0!). That means if you are not a logged-in user, you’ll get served a very fast page. (Everything is fast except the Clustermap and the Iraq Body Count, which seem to be the real drags on load time. I will probably remove the Iraq count when the US claims to have pulled out at the end of the year.) But, somewhat perversely, if you are a regular reader with a cookie, you’ll get the same slow page I get. The Xcahe addition promises to help some with that, though.

I also think and hope that I’ve ironed out the bugs on the mobile theme. It works on my Android phone, anyway. I’d love to hear from an iphone and an ipad user to know how that is going.

Do let me know if you notice any weirdness as to site performance. Weirdness as to content should proceed as usual.

UPDATE: I’ve disabled the XCache module object-cache.php, as server load went up quite a bit. Correlation is not causation, but you have to wonder.

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