Bugs in the System (Resolved) (Not)

Formatting on the blog seems to have suddenly gone all weird. If I had to guess the cause, it’s some misbehavior of WP Super Cache, which I started using about a week ago instead of W3 Cache. (The change was to placate my ISP, which claimed that timeout problems were related to not having their favorite cache software in place.)

Why this should happen a week later, I don’t know, and odds are I will not figure it out until late tonight or tomorrow because I have to go out very shortly.

Sorry about that.

Update (18:30): it is fixed. I really don’t think it is anything I did.

Update 2 (12/2): Mobile stuff is borked. I’ve put a band-aid on so that it renders legibly, but comment reading and writing on the mobile version is broken. I believe this is connected to what broke comment preview on the main site. I also believe I know a solution — change WP Super Cache from mod_rewrite to PHP mode, then tag the AJAX code with stuff that tells the cache how to process it. But that’s not a trivial change, and it will create server load, at least initially, so I have to clear it with the ISP (who claim to be investigating why the server crashes at random intervals since they upgraded Debian, and asked me not to change anything while they investigate).

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2 Responses to Bugs in the System (Resolved) (Not)

  1. Patrick (G) says:

    The Mobile version of the website seems off; uglier, but more navigable.

    • Thank you for noticing that. I’ve stuck a sort of band-aid on that by removing the mobile version from the cache temporarily. That fixed a lot of the formatting, but I can’t get the commenting to work on the mobile version. I suspect something doesn’t like ajax. I guess that will be a project for the weekend.

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