Another Reason I Hate My Bank

I have been having a problem with the web site for my bank, which after many years of working OK suddenly decided a few weeks ago that it really didn’t feel like downloading my transaction information into Quicken any more.

Yesterday I finally broke down and called the bank to see if they could sort it out. I hate calling the bank because every time I want something it takes over an hour and I have to speak to three or more people. Indeed, I spent five minutes with the first tech, then got escalated to Trish, a nice tech from Level 2 tech support. Eventually I was able to convince her that it actually wasn’t working. But her attempt to actually solve anything was frustrated by the fact that the bank, having just rolled out a redesigned of their entire web site yesterday, wasn’t actually serving many downloads because something had crashed.

So we made an appointment to talk on Thursday. Seemed like a positive experience on balance. But not so fast! Today I get a call from a different tech, informing me that Level 2 is not making appointments to talk to people, so the first tech would not be calling on Thursday. Yes, he called me when I wasn’t free to talk to say they wouldn’t be calling me when I was free to talk. And, oh yes, systems are still down, so no point doing anything today either.

On the positive side, the more-than-one-hour-and-three-or-more-people rule seems intact.

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2 Responses to Another Reason I Hate My Bank

  1. Kaleberg says:

    Quicken tends to support bank downloads for only about three years. Then you have to provide a new version number for the OFX request. Non-Quicken programs (e.g. Moneydance, GnuCash, SEE Finance) just update the number as part of routine updating. Intuit makes you buy a new version.

    This may not be your problem, but keep it in mind.

    • Michael says:

      That is one of the most annoying things about Quicken. But I happen to have the latest version, so that’s not it.

      My problem is that all of a sudden when I download from the bank, it doesn’t recognize it is a linked account. It offers to create a new account (bad, as I would lose the connection to the transaction history), or to link to an existing account – but the only one it offers isn’t from the bank. Deleting the non-functioning connection didn’t solve the problem.

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