What I’m Doing Right Now

I’m at the Brian Ferry concert. Row B — right near the front.

(This is assuming all went as it should; I queued this post up before I left home.)

Creative Commons image by Galaxy fm. Some rights reserved.

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3 Responses to What I’m Doing Right Now

  1. Memo to self: if you are going to sit 20 feet from a speaker the size of a mini Cooper, bring earplugs!

  2. ck says:

    Cm n Mchl – pst smthng bt Dnld Mrvn Jns gttng rrstd fr slctng prstttn – GN!

    knw y r th kng f PC bt ths s wht ppl r RLL tlkng bt t Mm Lw.

    d gt th flng y m blck m pst bt h wll…


    [Posters are reminded of this site’s Comment Policy – ed.]

  3. Ok. That was a great experience. My hearing should return to normal by Monday.

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