Shorter Obama Jobs Speech

“Attention GOP: I’m going to start counting and you better pass my bill of GOP-endorsed tax cuts and popular spending before I get to 10; meanwhile, here’s a preemptive concession on Medicare. And as part of my commitment to transparency, and to ensure that my plan isn’t really all that stimulative to the economy, we’ll ask the Congressional Super-Committee to meet in secret to decide even more cuts to pay for it.”

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7 Responses to Shorter Obama Jobs Speech

  1. Alan says:

    The President just doesn’t understand. They hate him, they don’t care about the economy as they’ve got all the money. They’ll just ignore him and focus on who they want to run against him. The President is weak and isn’t going to change one republican’s mind.

  2. FrankZappasGuitar says:


    I disagree. The president has gotten everything he wanted and used the opposition as cover. Clear as night politicking. But if him being “weak” makes you feel better when you vote for him, by all means I hope you feel better.

    • EDTHEREDPILL says:

      I agree with you. Obomber is not “weak”; he’s the perfect, willing tool of the Corporatist-Militarist Imperial Ruling Class, and a better Republican than most of the GOP candidates.

      Unless more USans wake up to the fact that our alleged “two-party” system is a sham, we have no positive future.

      • Michael says:

        I don’t agree there is no difference between the party of Obama/Rockefeller and the party of Perry/Bachmann/Welch. That there is in fact a difference is the best thing Obama has going for him.

        It also validates one of the claims of political scientists about how parties position themselves. If one party is really really extreme, the other party moves to just a bit towards the center of the extremists, thus hoping to capture all the votes from there, though the middle, on to the other extreme. That doesn’t seem a bad description of what is happening here.

        • Just me says:

          Michael said it better than I can, but we certainly do have a true two party system. The problem, from the point of view of the US left is that those 2 parties represent on one hand the far right, and on the other an establishment minded center. Democrats who believe that they are members of a left leaning party (even one that is only moderately left), are misguided and need only ask Europeans what a true democratic (purposely spelled with a “small d”) leftist party looks like.

  3. misgruntled says:

    I thought I also heard him say “everyone is broke, so please pass this bill and stop bickering for 5 minutes even though you hate each other.”

  4. Chuck says:

    Just the humble opinion of an old Grandpa.
    My Grandparents came from Europe in the 1880’s when things got rotten and the U.S. looked like a great untapped opportunity.
    I tell my kids and Grandkids, “if you feel it’s time to move to someplace else, don’t let us slow you down. We’ve got JPGs and Email and passports that still seem to work. Go for it!
    I see the USA of the 1950’s dream going down the toilet.”
    Again, just my humble opinion.

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