Research Assistant Wanted (2011-12)

I would like to hire a 2L or 3L to be my research assistant for the coming school year. You should expect to work 10-15 hours/week.

The work primarily involves assisting me with legal research relating to papers I am writing on privacy and on Internet regulation.

I need someone who can write clearly and is well-organized. If you happen to have some web or programming skills (some or all of WordPress, HTML, MySQL, Perl, Debian), that would be a plus but it is not in any way a requirement.

The pay of $13 / hr is set by the university, and is not as high as you deserve, but the work is sometimes interesting.

If this sounds attractive, please e-mail me the following with the subject line RESEARCH ASSISTANT 2011 (in all caps), followed by your name:

  1. A note telling me
    • How many hours you’d ideally like to work per week
    • When you are free to start.
    • Your phone number and email address.
  2. A copy of your resume (c.v.).
  3. A transcript of your grades (need not be an official copy).
  4. If you have one handy, also attach a short NON-legal writing sample. If you have none, I’ll accept a legal writing sample (whatever you do, though, please don’t send your L-Comm/LRW memo).
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  1. Ah, cultural differences. I can’t pay a research assistant less than $32/hour — and it goes up the more skilled the work I need them to do…

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