Taddeo in FL-25?

Politico says Annette Taddeo is planning to run in FL-25 — the seat now held by Republican David Rivera, a strong contender for most ethically creepy member of Congress.

I was, as longtime readers may recall, a big supporter of Taddeo when she ran for Congress in my district, FL-18.  I even went out and canvassed for her here in my neighborhood.  I do think she’d make a great Congressperson.

But.  Can she pull it off?

I though Taddeo ran a good campaign for Congress in 2008. I was impressed by her work ethic, organization, and by the staff she put together. The fact is that Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is just very hard to beat due her giant war chest (she spent $3m beating Taddeo) and, to be fair, also her personal rapport with so many of the voters here, a rapport sufficient to overcome a number of policies that work against the district’s actual interests.

Taddeo then ran for County Commissioner in District 8. As I live (just) outside District 8, I didn’t pay that much attention to the race, but Taddeo narrowly failed to make the run-off in a crowded field.

All of which is preamble to the question whether FL-25 is a good fit? Not that I have someone better in mind, or that I doubt they’d be lucky to have her, I’m just wondering how she’ll play in the district.

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5 Responses to Taddeo in FL-25?

  1. That would be great news…I would support her.

  2. Co-jones says:

    I think 25 is a better district than 18 ever was. But she will have to stop trying to get elected the clean way, and finally get the message that in Miami you have to hire boleteros or else you get killed with absentee ballots.

  3. Are you serious?! says:

    During last year’s County Commission race, the Herald recommended that Ms. Taddeo run for a local Council seat in order to get experience in the political process before going for the “big ticket” items, like a Congressional or County Commission seat. Oh, well. So much for sage advice.

    How many times does Ms. Taddeo have to lose before she gets the message. State Rep. Luis Garcia has proven time and time again that he can win a Democratic primary and the general election surrounded by “die-hard” Republicans.

    How do spell loser – T.A.D.D.E.O.

    • Co-jones says:

      Sounds like someone is afraid of Tadeo, because the Herald actually didn’t say to run for a council seat, they actually said the opposite, and hoped she would run again. I think they see her as a better fit for Congress as the rest of us. I hope she runs, but I have to see it to believe it!

  4. Dino Slayer says:

    I think Taddeo has the best chance of taking back this seat. The district is trending non-Cuban Hispanic and women voters out number the men by 10%. There is also the fact that Luis Garcia was on the steering committee of Democrats for Jeb Bush AND he supported the corrupt Julio Robaina in the County Mayor’s race. He also has no name recognition in 25, his power base is Miami Beach, at least the voters have heard of Taddeo. Check out this post that lays it all out: http://www.calizpoliticalreport.com/2011/06/target-david-rivera-fl-25-preview.html.

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