The Computers Are Calling

First a computer-controlled voice “polled” me on the upcoming Mayor’s race – likelihood of voting, favorable/unfavorable for both candidates (I pushed the buttons for “unfavorable” to both), who you were likely to vote for (I pushed for Gimenez), party registration, gender, age group.

One minute later, the phone rings and a similar recorded voice tells me that “Hialeah Robaina” (I really do not like that phrase, I do not care if it is polling well as a negative, I think it will backfire) is the highest paid Mayor in the area, knocking down $250,000 of tax dollars to fund his “lavish lifestyle”.

At the end of it there was a five second delay – long enough for most folks to hang up – then it said it was paid for by “Common Sense Now”… whatever that might be. The disclosure laws have been reduced to a mockery.

One minute later the phone rings again. Enough already! But it’s the computer from the kids’ orthodontist calling to remind us about an appointment.

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