Where to vote in Coral Gables

On Sunday, the Miami Herald printed a list of Coral Gables polling places. Some of them were correct. They’ve now put out a new, improved, and corrected list.

Polls are open 7am-7pm.

Polling places by precinct number (shown on your voter card, if you can find it).

#562 Central Christian Church of Dade County: 222 Menores Ave.

#601 Venetian Pool: 2701 DeSoto Blvd.

#602 Central Christian Church of Dade County: 222 Menores Ave.

#604 American Legion Post #98: 303 Alhambra Circle.

#605 and # 610 Coral Gables Youth Center: 405 University Dr.

#607 and #637 Coral Gables Congregational Church: 3010 DeSoto Blvd.

#608 Coral Gables Country Club: 997 N. Greenway Dr.

#611 and #638 Coral Gables Senior High School: 450 Bird Rd.

#612 St. Augustine Catholic Church: 1400 Miller Dr.

#613 Ponce de Leon Middle School: 5801 Augusto St.

#614 Coral Gables Fire Station #2: 525 S. Dixie Hwy.

#615 Cocoplum Woman’s Club: 1375 Sunset Dr.

#617 Coral Gables Fire Rescue Station #3: 11911 Old Cutler Rd.

#618 and #645 Pinecrest Gardens: 11000 Red Rd.

#626 Christ the King Lutheran Church: 11295 SW 57th Ave.

#633 Central Christian Church of Dade County: 222 Menores Ave.

#634 Elizabeth Virrick Park: 3255 Plaza St.

#635 Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Authority: 3575 LeJeune Rd.

#636 Coral Gables Branch Library: 3443 Segovia St.

#639 and #640 Bank United Center at the University of Miami: 1245 Walsh Ave.

#850 Christ Congregational Church: 14920 SW 67th Ave.

Incidentally, there’s a subtle legal issue about whether having polling places in churches violates church/state separation, in that it might affect how some voters would vote on if it would have an impact on an issue that their church had taken a position on. For example, I’ve heard it suggested that voting in a Catholic church might induce voters to vote a certain way in an election in which abortion had been a big issue. But nobody really wants to make a fuss about this because the churches’ donation of the use of their space is very useful and convenient and saves everyone money.

Or, it could be that the people voting in the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Authority might be the ones getting the raw deal.

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2 Responses to Where to vote in Coral Gables

  1. Patricia Hernandez says:

    I just got back from #608 and could find the voting place because no one knew anything and there was not information posted anywhere.

  2. Michael says:

    There’s an election in the city of Miami today, Nov. 7, 2017, but Coral Gables is not a part of it. There are no county elections, nor Coral Gables city elections, so there would have been no reason for your Coral Gables polling place to be open.

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