I Voted

It was quiet at the polling station at 3:30, so it was quick.

I asked the poll workers if it had been busy today. No, one said, not busy but steady.

Update: Record Gables absentees says Ladra. (Presumably this helps Cason and either Quesada or Sanabria?)

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4 Responses to I Voted

  1. Whatsup says:

    Its official, Quesada is the winner, took a large margin of absentee votes.
    Cason is right now leading by 100 votes, neck and neck for this race.

  2. Just me says:

    Where does one find official results?

  3. Whatsup says:

    ITS official, Quesada is the winner in group 4- Took a large margin of absentee votes, Cason is winning by 100 votes, its a neck to neck end~~~~~ Go Cason~~~~~

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