Waiting for Scrapbook+

All of the really important Firefox extensions I rely on daily have been updated to be compatible with Firefox 4 — except one: Scrapbook+, the infernally useful web page saving tool (no webrot fears here). The Scrapbook Plus Add-ons Page hasn’t been updated since August 2010, and is silent on the subject other than for some plaintive user requests. Some people say that they’ve downgraded to plain old Scrapbook, which has been updated, but there is also a prominent user report there of lost data that doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

So I emailed the developer of Scrapbook+ to ask if an update might be in the works, and lo and behold, inside of ten minutes comes the answer, yes, one is in the works. Some days the Internet is great.

So I guess I’ll hold off on that Firefox 4 upgrade just a bit longer. I just hope the Scrapbook+ update gets here before Firefox 5, which allegedly has a mid-2011 release date.

The other extensions I rely on that is not FF4 compliant is Autocopy. Normally I’d override that problem with MR-Tech Toolkit, but it looks as if that isn’t compatible either…

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  1. Have you tried Evernote? It has an extension for Chrome and Firefox (I don’t use IE, but I assume they have one for IE also). Has the added advantage over scrapbook of being accessible from any browser, and there’s an app for every smartphone.


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