Unexpected Consequences of Living Near a University Campus

Our A/C is busted again, and the nice man from the A/C company showed up today after only 48 hours of phone calls and two broken appointments to do a leak test on the lines, an expensive process that they tell me takes two days (with no A/C) to establish which of several candidate expensive parts will need to be ordered in (while we have no A/C) and then installed at yet more cost. The scenarios vary from expensive to amazing.

I explain all this not to complain, for such is the joy of home ownership in South Florida, but rather to explain why it is I have my study window open and thus have been hearing a loud buzzing engine noise for a couple of hours. I finally went outside to see if I could figure out what it might be — who would be running a generator when the neighborhood power has been steady for almost a week now? — only to see a blimp circling a bit south of here, with a giant airborne lighted news ticker advertising the 2011 Billboard Latin Music Awards, which I’ve just learned are indeed happening at the Convocation Center right now.

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