Electioneering Report – April 6, 2010 (Updated)

Five more days until the Coral Gables election. Just two mailers today: another in the Quesada series — the one defines “tax” like we don’t know what that means — and a, get this, TWELVE pager from Mayoral candidate Jim Cason. It’s actually a pretty effective piece of mail, but as it opens out like a two-sided fold-out poster, I’m going to have some trouble scanning it.

I’ll update this item when I get it scanned, but it may be a while.

Update 1: Scanned the Quesada mailer.

Update 2 (4/7): I’ve placed the whole Cason 12-page monster in a handy downloadable .pdf file.

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2 Responses to Electioneering Report – April 6, 2010 (Updated)

  1. TheIT says:

    Thanks for the definition Frank!! What is the objective behind the “hands-on-hip” oversize photo of you in every mailer? are you sexy or something?
    Look, Quesada is a kid, 31 yrs old, who just cannot be entrusted with a $145 million dollar budget. Brad cannot be trusted, period, end of story. Rene Alvarez is a WHO? and the Herald says there are 7 candidates in that race? (????) Then we have a gentleman who said he got a degree that didn’t and another who is quite entertaining but has issues and needs psycho help.
    Hmmmm, ok, who is left?
    I just go this email today. Go to this guy’s website and click on the “Ten Pledges to the City” at http://www.gonzalosanabria.com.
    This is our best bet by a mile. Don’t take chances or waste your vote. I hate to see if any of the others get elected. OMG

    • I really don’t see how someone 31 years old can fairly be called a “kid”.

      You don’t have to be 50 to serve on the Coral Gables Commission. Heck, the Constitution says you can serve in the US Congress at age 25. JFK took his first federal office at age 30.

      We routinely let lawyers age 30 or less take important decisions for clients regarding large sums of money. Although I’m a lot older, I have no problem with a 30-something on the Coral Gables Commission, and think anyone who does is showing some serious ageism.

      (I invite commentators to sign their names, to encourage us to believe they are not campaign operatives.)

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