Coral Gables Election as Inside Baseball

Although I’m moderately active politically, my interests have mainly been with federal offices — particularly Congress. They’re small enough races that you might make a difference, big enough that they might matter nationally. This Coral Gables election is really the first time I’ve focused so much on the city’s politics, even though I’ve lived here since 1992. So this has been for me a process of first figuring out what the issues even were, then figuring out who was on which side, then slowly figuring out which side I’m on. Being a blogger with I suppose dozens of readers in the city (apologies to the many many hundreds of you from out of town who are probably sick of the whole subject — hang in there, it ends next Tuesday, barring recounts) I also got to meet some of the candidates, which has been interesting. When there are this few likely voters, even a blog that might reach a few dozen counts, I suppose.

Politically, Coral Gables is not much bigger than a small town. (Sometimes this election feels a little like a run for college class president a big university. There are not that many issues, and a lot of it is very personal.) And when you look at the number of people deeply involved in city politics in a continuing way, it’s smaller still, although not immune to county-wide political currents.

All this is by way of prologue to pointing you to this totally inside baseball posting up at Political Cortadito, Gonzo, the gypsy & the PACman. This stuff is hard to follow without a scorecard, and she seems to have one.

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3 Responses to Coral Gables Election as Inside Baseball

  1. Seriously says:

    Coral Gables has now become an annex of “Little Havana” thanks to these clowns. What a total shame for Coral Gables. The voters deserve better.

  2. Antonio says:

    I spit up my cold, watery “cortadito” when i read this. the woman blogger cited as a source of credible information is clueless and seems, by her very own writing, to be more than a little whacky. No wonder The Miami Herald sacked her.

    It’s all just nonsense.

    • Whatsup says:

      Just read her post and reply to a comment, have to agree, the woman is looney tunes completely.

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