Electioneering Report – April 1, 2011

This morning I got another robocall.  I picked up the phone, said “hello” and there was silence. “Hello? Hello!” As a result of all the helloing, I missed the first few words of the call in which the speaker on the scratchy tape identified himself as Somebody Something former Mayor of Something. But whoever he was, his recorded voice asked me to vote for Sanabria because he understands budgets and good public policy. It closed appropriately, identifying itself as a call paid and approved by the campaign for Gonzalo Sanabria.

[Late evening update: I came home to find a message on the answering machine left around 7:30pm from “Victoria,” a real live human who was calling to encourage me to vote for Sanabria.  I don’t know what it is about his phone lines or his volunteers, but what she was saying was really hard to make out on the tape (sounded cheerful, though).  I’d start to worry it was my phone, or maybe my hearing, except the other messages were fine.]

This afternoon’s mail brought three mailers:

A big garish orange Thank You! from Don Slesnick…

… the daily Rosenblatt …

… and a Quesada.


All those trees….all those dollars….

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7 Responses to Electioneering Report – April 1, 2011

  1. Irene Secada says:

    I heard about the robo call for Gonzalo and I think it was a recorded message by former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre who serves on the MDX with Gonzalo.

  2. TheIt says:

    I heard Mayor Maurice Ferre endorsing Sanabria, a respectable longtime politician. Then I got three more calls from two ladies and a personal one from Gonzalo himself He is unbelievable in how hard he works for a vote. He definitely has won mine with a caveat that no more luminaries, relatives, friends or anyone short of Jesus calls me about Gonzalo as I surrender. He just knocked on my door three days ago. Edgad!!!!

  3. Antonio says:

    I’m so grateful quesada provided the definition of “waste.” i keep hearing that word but i’m not quite sure what it means. but then i graduated from one of those for-profit charter schools.

    hey brad, how’s this for an “economic platform” — pay your bills, pay your taxes! this includes your current business. this guy just cracks me up.

    mayor slesnick — you are welcome (i guess). at least he’s polite!

    go alvarez in group 4!

  4. TheIt says:

    didn’t Alvarez lose already? Saw Herald endorsement. Gosh they must be aware of Sanabria’s poll numbers as they didn’t even mention him. Good news, Herald didn’t endorse Sanabria!! This is crazy but its the Herald, still a wild leftwing publication lacking realities

  5. Whatsup says:

    The Herald endorsements don’t surprise me at all. I found it funny enough to laugh out loud as I was reading it. After seeing how the Herald Managing Editor conducted the totally trivial forum at UM its not surprising at all. Once more they pick their horse in the race without any thought or consideration as to the consequences to the people in Coral Gables., lets not forget last election, and many, many others.
    This comedy of errors by the Herald, from the forum to now this, just shows that they need better reporting, better reporters, more in depth analysis or, if they do not have these, then they need to keep out of our local politics. Their reporting on this campaign has been so bad, but, this ending is the worst part of it. Thankfully the voters in Coral Gables will laugh this one off, look at all future Herald Recommendaitons with not even a grain of salt, and move on to elect whom they firmly believe can fight for them and disentangle the mess in City Hall.

  6. Whatsup says:

    Lets play a little. How about this scene:
    The Herald’s endorsement for Mayor, publicly, Tom Korge, in reality, Slezsnick, however, by publicly endorsing Korge, Heral aims at having votes for Cason, the real contender, funneled to Korge instead, thereby giving Slezsnick the win.

    The Herald’s endorsement for Commissioners in group 4, publicly, Alvarez, in reality, Brad Rosenblatt, by publicly endorsing Alvarez, Herald aims at having the votes for Sanabria, funneled to Alvarez, therefore giving Rosenblatt the win.

  7. Just me says:

    Funny, I get no mailers from Rosenblat.

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