Free Drinks!

All you have to do is listen to a lecture first, starting at 5:30 on Monday, April 4, at the Lowe Art Museum. RSVP by March 30th to

Froomkin Lecture Invitation (click for larger image)

Click for a larger (.pdf) image.  

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3 Responses to Free Drinks!

  1. Just me says:

    Open to anyone?

  2. steve henley says:

    Hi. Michael! I am glad to see you out and about and back in the game and still moving across the green side of the grass. You may recall that I’ve moved on and am now with the Washington State Courts, but I still check your blog regularly to keep up with Crazy Ol’ Florida. Can I get a rain-check on the drinks? (Literally — it rains 9 days out of 10 here)


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