Off to New York — Maybe

My flight to New York this morning was canceled, and I was rebooked on a later flight, one that will cost me some socializing time, but should still get me to town in time to see Al Pacino in The Merchant of Venice. I have, I think, the second-worst seat in the house, very back row, one seat away from the far right. Given this is a hot ticket, I’m probably lucky to have it, even at this inflated price, easily the most I’ve ever paid for a theater ticket in the USA. As the ticket is non-exchangeable and non-returnable, a very late (or canceled) flight could be very expensive indeed.

Anyway, if you are reading this around 11:00am, and it hasn’t been updated, I’m probably on board waiting on the tarmac….

Update (3:30pm): Made it.

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