Egyptian Humor

I’ve finally heard a funny joke about events in Egypt:

An army commander told Hosni Mubarak: Everything has come to an end, you should write a farewell speech for the people.

Mubarak: oh! Where are they going?

Any others?

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3 Responses to Egyptian Humor

  1. Russ Nelson says:

    For Mubarak, denial really *is* a river in Egypt.

  2. Of course this one:

    Mubarak: “The internet was behaving in a weird way. So I tried switching it off and on again.”

  3. david sanger says:

    that and many others are from the spoof Twitter account

    They say that all good things come to an end. But bad things last forever

    I have 3 video cameras, 2 still cameras, 5 microphones, and 7 journalists for sale. They are all labelled “Al Jazeera”

    Whoever said “A captain must go down with his ship” is wrong. The ship must go down with it’s captain.

    Today’s theme? 1950’s. Oh, and you don’t have a choice. Go #democracy!

    For sale: One government. Never used, but probably doesn’t work. #Egypt

    Habib just sent me a bbm. He says I should prepare a farewell speech for my citizens. Where are you guys going? #jan25

    Just to clarify: I will not run for president in the next elections, which will be in 30 years.

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