Alumnus in the News: Reince Priebus ’98

Reince Priebus UM Law '98It seems that newly elected GOP chief Reince Priebus graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 1998. For a write up of his activities as a law student see University of Miami | School of Law – Reince Priebus, JD’98: UM Degree Sets Him Apart. He was a student leader, and was here around the same time as our other recent political star, Senator Marco Rubio ’96.

Not everyone is a fan, however, of what Mr. Priebus has been up to since he graduated. See for example this Wisconsin blogger’s take, New GOP National Chair Is Voter Obstruction Operative from Wisconsin. (And, more about the voter suppression in Wisconsin.)

And finally, consider this little thought experiment from Steve Benen: how would certain elements of the partisan press be reacting if Reince Priebus had just been elected to chair the Democratic Party?

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  1. mfr24 says:

    Great for the school, assuming he isn’t as silly and foolishly entertaining as Michael Steele.

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