Was It Good For You?

I’ve turned on a couple of caching programs, but with fairly tame settings for now.  Please let me know if you experience any weirdness.

In the fullness of time, I will open the blog to registration, and registered users will get the uncached, most up-to-date content.   Although, in theory, the cache should update every time I post something or someone adds a comment, so I’m not sure why that really matters.

Meanwhile, I’ve got two caching programs working, and my major fear is that they may work at cross-purposes.  I have the W3 Cache, but only partial mimifying.  And I also turned on Dreamhost’s new mod_pagespeed.  As best I can discern, it risks being somewhat duplicative of W3’s mimification, as both try to squeeze out some of the air of javascript and HTML files as well as caching them on disk (W3) and who-knows-where or whether (mod_pagespeed).  It would take rigorous testing to figure out if this a good combination, or which one is better alone, and the truth is that I don’t plan to do that testing any time soon if ever.  On this, I hope to free ride on the efforts of others.

I’ve just solved a problem that had eaten my RSS feeds, and there odds are there are more.  So please let me know if things are acting stranger than usual.  (And whether the blog now seems faster or slower than it used to.)

Thanks for your patience….

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