Delusion Points

Worth Reading: Stephen M. Walt, Delusion Points in Foreign Policy.

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2 Responses to Delusion Points

  1. howard says:

    Though I respect Stephen Walt for his analysis on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, it is delusional of the Dems to think that they can have it both ways – blame Bush for Obama’s foreign policy blunders while Ob ama all the while continues with the same policies and on top of that effectively shuts down foreign policy criticism from the left. And for Walt to offer the prospect of a war w/ Portugal if we had continued down the path of Bush seems idiotic when we should be more worried at present w/ the Obama administration’s and especially Clinton’s support of coups in Latin America, the new Plan Mexico, and continuations of illegal wars/occupations in the Middle East. Bush is old news and I don’t think it is delusional to think that there isn’t much difference between Bush’s and Obama’s foreing policy. When the Dems are back out of power in the near future and the Afghan war continues to rage and some Dem analyst recommends that the Dems once again release a few tired antiwar slogans for political gain, I hope the Dems’ cynical calls will fall on deaf ears.

  2. michael says:

    I for one am well prepared to blame Obama for failing to withdraw more quickly and more fully from Iran and Afghanistan. I’d like to blame him for failing to do something better about the Arab/Israeli problem, except that almost all his predecessors failed too, and given the intransigence there I’m not real clear what he could actually do.

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